Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Almost Overshadowed

Screen beauty kate hudson fears she 'll never escape her mother Godie Hawn's Shadow,even with an Oscar-nomination.The almost famous actress inists director and believe she only made it in Hollywood because of her mother's influence.
she says,"you can feel it when you walk into an audition.Maybe I was right for a part and maybe I wasn't."
"I would always do the best i could butI knew that if I was having an off day there would have been people sitting there whispering,'Golie Hawn's daughter is horrible.She should really choose another career.'"People don't always want to believe that.They want to believe I do it because I felt I had to ,or to be like my mom,or to complete with my mom .Or any other of a number of things that have nothing to do with who I am."
"I am so much less complicated than that.I like acting."

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