Friday, July 14, 2006

Cruise,Holmes in no hurry

TOM Cruise and his fiancee Katie holmes refuse to be rushed into unveiling their baby daugther suri to the worl..
The hollywood couple have been put under pressure to release photographs of the 12-week old by many of America's leading celebrity magaiznes ,who are becoming suspicious about the birth and Holmes' pregnancy. Us weekly has a clock ticking off the days since suri's birth on april 18 and German broadcaster Rtl has created its own mock-up of what suri might look like. but the War of the world star and holmes have no intention of putting their child into the spotlight just to appease the gossip-hungry nedia. the couple's spokesperson Arnold Robinson say's"if and when they do make a decision, it will be at their discrtion and not anybody else's"

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Station Agent said...

Did they get married yet. Wait. Why do I care? Sorry.