Sunday, July 02, 2006


Nicolas Cage doesn’t depend on a realtor as much as he does on mysticism, when buying a house

Hollywood superstar Nicolas Cage has spent £865,000 buying a British home he has never viewed because it stands on a mystical ley line. The five bed room house is situated on the sloes of Windmill Hill in Somerset, one of the ‘sacred’ hills of the Glastonbury are where six ley lines are said to converger. It is believed one of them, the ‘Camelot’ ley line, run directly under the house, linking Glastonbury Tor-supposedly the ancient Isle of Avalon- to Cadbury Fort, said to be the site of Camelot. The property, called Tilham barn, also enjoys panoramic views of the famous Tor, which legend says is the burial place of King Arthur

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